Kaizen Systems

Digital Transformation experts working collaboratively to achieve great results for their clients 


Commercially aware technical experts

Do you believe the quality of your software solution(s) are critical to the future success of your business? Are you:

  • A funded startup perhaps where you have yet to find the right people to help your vision come alive?
  • A mature business with a source codebase that evidence suggests could be “end of life” and certainly holding back the company’s potential?
  • A software team that would benefit from a trusted external resource to help the business work out where they are and how to get to the exciting future you believe is possible

At Kaizen Systems, we love to make a difference and a proven track record that shows we deliver. We specialise in working in partnership with companies like yours. We work with you to understand where your business is and what your future plans. From that, we will develop a software and technology strategy that dovetails and supports your vision.

All our lead consultants have a technical background with a minimum of 20 years of experience. This often means our client’s refer to us a “Translators”.

We are all commercially aware – driving everything from the underlying principle of the business case and the agreed long term business strategy.

This allows us to translate and help the business work better with your development team – regardless of if they are internal or remote.

We bring direction and focus, resulting in noticeable improvements.

From there, we help the business to adopt best practice approaches in software development and implementation. This means the more in-depth changes have the necessary support to suceed.  Change is much easier if you follow a proven path to achieve it.

Kaizen Systems, improving Business Intelligence to help your business grow and flourish.

Getting exactly what you need for your business isn’t    easy – an exellent business partner can help


Strategic Support

Either interim or part-time, let us define the Systems and IT strategy for your business – and help deliver it too.

Bespoke Software Development

We offer Bespoke Software Development Solutions which allows our clients to get software that works for them and their business.

Digital Transformation

Helping mature businesses maximise their existing IP and realise their potential.

Kaizen Systems

Set up in 2000, the word “Kaizen” is Japenese and literally translated means “Good Change”, hence the literal meaning of “Change for the better”. It has become synonymous with companies wanting to adopt Continuous Improvement.

This principle embodies our own philosophy – every day is a learning day – and one we also encourage our customers to follow.

Our Values

  • Exceeding our customers expectations
  • Achieving more through collaboration
  • Ensuring customers enjoy working with us
  • Encouraging and applying continuous improvement to create better processes and solutions
  • Openness and transparency

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