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Working collaboratively with business owners and helping them to get the future all their hard work deserves

Software and Digital Transformation 

Technology is now at the heart of many businesses, especially those looking to digitally transform or where software development is critical

At the same time, the cost of a full time employee can be too expensive or unjustified due the amount of work needed falls far short of a full time role.

Kaizen Systems provides part-time resources to help ensure your technology strategy dovetails with your business strategy.

Example projects we have undertaken

  1. Digital Transformation of a successful 40-year-old business, taking all their products and services on-line, helping to build out an internal software development team with the purpose of making the business self-sufficient over time.
  2. Took strategic responsibility for reviewing existing complex software solution and re-architecting the applications. Then acted as the main point of contact to the overseas team, whilst building internal resources to help support the new business model better.
  3. Reviewed the internal development team and how the business worked with that department. Recommended a move to a more Agile Development process and helped embed all the key roles needed to make this approach a success.    

Take a look at the specific roles below we provide. Our lead consultants are capable of covering most of the roles below and where they can they will obviously bring in one of their colleagues when required.

Also, worth remembering, unlike larger Consultancy firms, after working with you to define the best strategies to follow, we can help implement them – we deliver the solution rather than identify the challenges.

Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Board level support to ensure all your software solutions match your business strategy, available part-time or on an interim basis

Chief Technical Officer (CTO)

Technical Experts to help drive your software development stratgy, available part-time or on an interim basis

Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

Ensuring your data is safe requires a specialist skill set, we have part-time and interim resources available

Agile Development

Providing strategic advice on how to adopt Agile Development practices within your business that will work for you and your team. 

  • Scrum Master
  • Product Owner
  • Testing Regimes
  • Sprint Planning

Non-Exec Director

Could your business benefit from a technology expert who can help the business make better-informed strategic decisions? Considering a change in business model? A new digital focused strategic? All our lead consultants have also had at least 20 years of experience being part of the management team on a number of successful businesses.

We generally recommend we start our relationship in a more specific strategic role and through working with us, you can decide if you would like to appoint one of our team as a non-exec Director

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