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For some businesses, finding ‘off the shelf’ software that fits your business needs exactly can be almost impossible. We are all unique and so are businesses. At Kaizen Systems we offer Bespoke Software Development Solutions from our Newbury HQ, which allows our clients to get software that works for them and their business. So they can become more efficient and use their software how their business needs it. A Company you can Trust As described on Our Ethos page, we believe it is essential to gain and retain the trust of our customers. We achieve this through openness and honesty. Most of our new projects come through reputation and word of mouth recommendations. We encourage new customers to speak with existing customers – so you are happy with the approach we take – and of course it helps build your trust in us. At Kaizen systems our reputation is built on successful projects delivering to our customer requirements and that is what Bespoke Software is all about – Delivering great software that meets your business needs. Experienced Solutions Providers We have developed all manner of business software solutions over the many years we have been in business, even more so if you look at the experience our Directors have. This makes it difficult to summarise! In general, we have delivered workflow software solutions to businesses – either mission critical core solutions which the company relies on every day to help run their company or more specific software solutions which solve a specific need. We are confident that no new opportunity will be completely new to us whilst at the same time we believe the right approach is to treat every project as unique. Our approach, therefore, is to recognise where we can apply best practice solutions – using our significant experience - whilst ensuring the solution continues to match your Requirements exactly. Business Critical and Elegant Solutions What has become apparent is we have become experts in delivering software projects which have to succeed – in development, and in production. Our ability to distill complex requirements, recommend and implement elegant software solutions ensures the usability of our software remains high. Great User Interface and Design, We think it essential to build the software correctly – to ensure longevity and excellent fit to your requirements. At the same time, we place great emphasis on encouraging and supporting user adoption. This includes ensuring that the software looks great and is designed to be intuitive and easy to use. We have found working with your users is the best way to achieve this. In Development Planning – the work we undertake before starting development – we will come up with an initial design concept and test this in either mock-ups, or early stage working prototypes. From there, the user feedback we receive helps to refine that design and as the project progresses we continually look to improve that, to ensure by the end of the project everyone is very happy with the finished solution.

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