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Kaizen Systems have specialised in bespoke software development for over 12 years. In that time, as our company name implies, we have continuously looked at how we can improve the software development process. We offer software development consultancy in the following areas: Software Requirements Ensuring the Requirements for the software you are looking to build are clearly defined is critical to the success of the project – more than any other in our opinion – it’s why we offer our Requirements Analysis service. We can offer advice on how best to capture the information, the format of the document(s), through to reviewing the documents already created and providing our expert advice as to how well they describe the project.
Development Team Selection – Overseas and UK There is an ever increasingly selection of software development companies to choose from – here in the UK and especially overseas. With over 17 years of experience we can help define your requirements and select the right development team for your project. This can be in terms of:
  • Best match in technical expertise – due diligence
  • Commercial terms – best value at the right price
  • Contract – ensuring the project goes smoothly and at a fixed price.
Development Process Our approach to development is based on a collaborative approach – we believe it provides the best solution at a great value. We can
  • Help to agree the best development process for your company to follow
  • Work with your selected development partner and help ensure the project goes to budget – in terms of timescales and cost.
Software Implementation A lot of software projects can fail due to the lack of support from within the company. Ensuring the company is properly informed and engaged within the development process helps to mitigate this. We can advise on best practices to encourage and support excellent staff engagement throughout the development process. This can include ‘stakeholder’ and ‘user’ engagement and ‘change management’ support if required. Independent Software Mediator Software projects can go wrong. Usually, the cheapest and quickest way to get a project back on track is to remain with your existing software company and to get some help to manage that relationship. Due to our background and experience, we can quickly build an understanding of your faltering project from a technical and commercial point of view and then recommend a course of actions to move the project back onto a sound footing.

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