Requirements Analysis

Understanding the business needs before starting any software development is an essential element to any successful software project. Requirements Analysis, also called Requirements Gathering, is the process of finding out and documenting what a company needs from a business point of view in terms of a specific software project or their overall software systems. Generally accepted as an essential stage in any successful software development, Kaizen Systems specialise in providing this service. 9
Due to importance of this service, Kaizen Systems only use resources with at least 20 years software experience. It means we have the technical expertise and business acumen to ensure your requirements are captured accurately and we can draw on all our experience to add significant value throughout the Requirements Analysis process. With so much experience in developing solutions we can confidently offer ‘best practice’ solutions – in part defining a software solution by identifying similar components from previous projects and applying proven approaches. This significantly reduces development risks whilst still ensuring the solution exactly matches the company’s Requirements. The outcome from our Requirement Analysis service is a document or set of documents which describe the software solution in a non-technical manner so that all the stake-holders can sign-off against it. At the same time, we ensure all the necessary information is included to give realistic software development costs and timescales. Having a single set of documents that both the company and development team work towards helps minimise misunderstandings and highlights our belief that the best way to develop software is collaboratively. Now and for the Future An important part of the Requirements Analysis is helping to identify, define and document not only the current company Requirements but how they will change as the company grows in future years. Our experienced Consultants are skilled at asking the right questions to capture your longer term Requirements within the resulting documents.

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