Making Software work – What Our Clients Say

As we receive feedback from our clients, we post it here, without editing so people can honestly see what is said. If you’d like to learn more about how we helped our clients, with their say so, we’ll give you their contact details so you can contact them directly about how we helped them.

“Robin was referred to me by a very good business advisor who thought he would be a good fit for the business. We needed help with our entire IT structure as we wanted to pull together all of our systems and merge them into one. Our online strategy also needed pulling apart and moving in the right direction. Since working with Robin, our processes and the way we do business has transformed. There has been a big emphasis on improving ease of use for our customers, we’ve extended functionality to provide a much more powerful solution and we’re also just about to go live with a bespoke e-commerce site. Naturally, we’ve also saved a lot of money by being more efficient. Robin is a great guy to work with. He’s very organised in his approach and he has brought in some top ideas which have made a big difference to the business. I have already recommended his services to others and will continue to do so in the future.”

Duncan McDonald

All About Framing

“Since working with Kaizen Systems, there have been huge changes in the way that House of Colour operates with regards to our software and web infrastructure. We now look and plan much further into the future which has resulted in more efficiencies and far more engagement from our client base. Working with Robin has been fantastic for a number of reasons but we particularly love the fact that he could act as an interpreter between developers and the commercial needs of the company. His obvious desire to deliver what we needed and the way he looks at everything from the user’s (our clients’) point of view has been invaluable. I would highly recommend Kaizen Systems for all the reasons mentioned above but also because they are a great sounding board for new ideas.”

Marcus King

House of Colour

“It has been a pleasure to work with such a dedicated company. They have an excellent balance between what could be described as “Old School Ethics”, and cutting edge technology. This way of thinking is obvious from Director level through to junior staff. Their ethos is based around loyalty and expertise and their standards are second to none. I wish them all success in the future as they thoroughly deserve it!”


Tom Plews

Richards Gray

We found Kaizen Systems by chance after a Google search for local software development companies. When Robin came in for an initial chat, he really impressed us as he very quickly grasped a good understanding of what we wanted to achieve.
Robin has been helping us with two projects which has involved a change in our strategy, testing software and moving from a standard application to a cloud-based solution. Despite the challenging nature of these projects, Robin’s willingness to provide input and deliver the projects persevered. His input when it came to encouraging best practice and making strategic decisions was exceptional.
If you’re looking for someone who isn’t afraid to share ideas and will add value to your projects, I would highly recommend Kaizen Systems.


Peter Bottomley


“It is a pleasure to provide this testimonial for Robin Winnett and his highly competent and skilled teams, operating from the company’s UK head quarters and Russian offices. The task set, to develop from scratch, a comprehensive personal information management software product, has been delivered with minimum fuss and a great deal of co-operation and patience during the process of development. The attention to detail and the understanding of what the commercial proposition intended, has been impressive. On a number of occasions, alternative ideas on approaching a difficult subject were suggested. The result has certainly helped with and taken into account the potential ‘bigger picture’, which without question will result in massive saving in convenience for the product user and the all important costs. The friendly nature of everyone involved and their desire to continually improve what they are doing, is pleasing and impressive. The technical support received has been outstanding. I am happy to be contacted to discuss my involvement with Robin and his teams, in more detail. I have no hesitation in recommending Robin and his business. You will certainly receive an honest opinion, you will save time and you will see value for money.”

John G V Harman

Founder & Director

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