System Roadmap

A System Roadmap provides similar benefits to that a company gains from a Business Plan – understanding what Systems will be required in the long term as the company achieves the goals set out within the business plan allows for decisions and investments made today to work towards these longer term goals Every decision around where to invest money can use the System Roadmap with the overriding strategy of reducing cost and time spent on systems which are deemed temporary and/or unimportant and focus efforts on developing solutions which have been identified as long term objectives. Where to start Kaizen Systems offer a service to help create a Company’s Systems Roadmap. The key elements are:
  • Understanding the current company systems – these can include business critical spreadsheet, manual systems as well as the main software solutions the company uses.
  • Appreciating what functionality/requirements are essential to the success of the business – what makes the company different/unique?
  • Identifying what requirements make-up the ‘core’ software solution.
  • Identifying the requirements for supporting systems.
Business Goals – where are you planning to go?
  • The essential part in terms of systems planning is to understand the expectations from the business in terms of expansion, supporting new products / services and the effect that has on the company Systems.
  • Having accurate and meaningful management information allows a business to be managed with greater confidence. As a business grows the need for this information becomes increasingly important.
  • The number of people within a business can clearly have a significant effect on how well a company communicates and effectively delivers its product and/or services – what works for a small team of 10, generally won’t work for a company with 25 people and the same is true when a company reaches over 100.
  • Working with you we can combine the vision for your company with the decades of our experience designing complete business solutions. The result will be an overall plan with practical advice on how to start improving your systems and a framework to guide all future system decisions.
  • Just like a business plan, your System Roadmap will need to be reviewed and updated at regular intervals - especially for ambitious and fast growing companies. This review can be done internally, and we are more than happy to help where it is felt more significant changes may be required.

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