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Strategy Advice for businesses where their software must succeed Some businesses have mission critical software – where the success of the software development is an essential element to the success of the business. Kaizen Systems offer strategic advice to these companies This can be for a specific piece of work – like our “Systems Roadmap” service or it can be more of an on-going basis – where Kaizen Systems in effect act like a non-exec Director without the formal position. Non-Executive Director Role In such cases, both Robin and Ivan – the principles of Kaizen Systems – are available for non-exec positions in companies. Funded Start-ups A Kaizen Systems long term strategy is to become a trusted technical partner for a select number of funded start-ups – where the success of the software is intrinsic to the success of the business. Our business experience along with our technical expertise makes us very well suited to this role. Do you have a company which has funding or is looking for funding and recognise the importance of having a great technical partner who you can trust?

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